Green tea with vanilla and a beautiful teapot

I like to take my tea with a beautiful cup and teapot. I enjoy the whole experience more. Perhaps I learnt this whilst living in Japan, although my Italian heritage has also imbued in me a sense do the importance of presentation of meals and drinks. Drinking good quality tea made on tea leaves in a pot, using a fine rimmed cup, can bring a deep satisfaction that a cheap tea bag in an old mug can’t match.  My current favourite tea is a lovely fresh and smooth green with vanilla, which is easy to make yourself at home. I like to buy my green tea from a tea specialist place after going in  an old-fashioned way, smelling the different types and choosing my favourite. There are so many different flavours and kinds, and the good quality ones are completely different from standard supermarket tea bags.


I’m sure my elegant tea pot makes my tea taste better…….


Recipe: Green Tea with Vanilla

50g good quality green tea. (such as sencha or houjicha)

organic vanilla bean, 1-2 whole, cut into small pieces

beautiful teapot and fine rimmed cup

stainless steel tea strainer

1.  Place the green tea leaves in a jar.

2. Add in the vanilla bean pieces and mix well. (Store the tea in an airtight jar or special tea container. The flavour of the vanilla will infuse over time).

3. Add 1 tsp per person to a beautiful tea pot.

4. Add approximately 1 cup of water that is just off the boil (check with your tea place about the best temperature for your type of green tea).

5. Let steep for 2-3 minutes.

6. Pour into a fine-rimmed cup through a tea strainer.

7. Savour the experience…..


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